NeoSystems unlocks the power of the Microsoft Cloud and Mobility with ITRAK, the definitive software solution for managing any company’s safety & compliance processes.


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The Best QHSE Software - ITRAK

Pairing modern architecture with a highly configurable layout and thoughtful integration with the Microsoft Cloud, organizations can adapt ITRAK to their ever changing QHSE requirements without the need of technical intervention.


What is ITRAK?


ITRAK is the Definitive software solution for managing any company’s safety & compliance processes, built for the Microsoft Cloud.


What makes ITRAK unique in the QHSE/EHS software industry?


What makes ITRAK Unique?   What makes ITRAK Unique?
Deep integration with Microsoft & Cloud technologies   Advanced mobile QHSE capabilities for phones & tablets (including disconnected use)

ITRAK in a Nutshell:


What makes ITRAK Unique?

What processes is ITRAK used for?



ITRAK is used to automate a wide variety of QHSE business processes including (but not limited to) the following:


ITRAK can also be customized to other processes within an organization such as Onboarding, Learning & Competency, Management of Change and Change Requests.

What is the typical size of an ITRAK project?



A full ITRAK health and safety software implementation can be completed in as little as 60-90 days. Two-three QHSE forms are recommended to start your implementation but ITRAK supports unlimited number of forms.

What kind of companies can use ITRAK?



ITRAK can be implemented within any organization large & small. Often implementations start with a couple hundred users but the software can easily scale to handle the demands of many thousands of users (see Dynamics and Azure Foundation).

How is ITRAK accessed?



ITRAK is accessed in a number of flexible ways to allow the widest audience of employees and contracts the richest functionality possible. Most users interacting with the system will access ITRAK through either the web portal or the mobile interface.


  • 1. Web Portal - many users will access ITRAK through any web browser for daily activities to enter and view information through electronic forms
  • 2. Mobile Applications - native mobile applications extend process onto phones and tablets and operate even when disconnected from the network
  • 3. Administration Interface - advanced users can configure ITRAK to specific processes by adding new forms, reports, and tailoring workflows