NeoSystems unlocks the power of the Microsoft Cloud and Mobility with ITRAK, the definitive software solution for managing any company’s safety & compliance processes.


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Cloud First. Mobile First.

Simplified. Centralized. Fully Integrated. Microsoft's Cloud is your platform for success.


Hosting that makes sense for your business

We have been providing organizations with a simplified, centralized, and integrated way to manage their health and safety with over 60+ successful projects. All of our solutions are available through our professionally managed application hosting data centers, installed on premise on our client’s servers or hosted on Microsoft's Cloud platform providing unparalleled implementation opportunities. Additionally, our flexible and quick implementations allow organizations to change hosting depending on their needs or business requirements.

Mobility designed from the ground up

Today’s mobile technology and connected devices can provide you with important real-time insights into your business, letting you continuously streamline your organization's processes to work more efficiently. NeoSystems’ mobile solutions will enable your organization to do a variety of work processes such as inspections, hazard id's, safety observations on an array of mobile and ruggedized devices. The mobile ITRAK app is available from all major app stores and ties in perfectly with devices’ native capabilities like using the camera or GPS coordinates. NeoSystems’ expertise in mobility guarantees that the mobile solution works on a wide variety of devices, today and tomorrow.