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What sets ITRAK 365 apart

ITRAK’s 365 close integration with Dynamics 365 allows users to leverage the power and scalability that comes with Microsoft. With access to Power BI dashboards, users can obtain a 360-degree view of valuable real-time metrics on all types of devices.

Enrich your workplace safety program.

ITRAK 365 is proven to increase efficiencies in organizations by
enabling the standardization of QHSE processes.

Read the Microsoft Customer Success story and learn how ITRAK is setting a new standard in safety technology.

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For over 10 years, ITRAK 365 has been helping business become more proactive, with their QHSE compliance & reporting processes’

    NeoSystems 2019 SAFETECH Synergy conference was a huge success. Our attendees were able to learn ITRAK 365 best practices and how to use the platform to it's fullest potential.

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    Client Spotlight


    ITRAK has enabled New Zealand-based EnviroWaste Services Ltd. to leverage more control and efficiency over the data entry process, while improving reporting frequency and data accuracy. Envirowaste needed a platform that was intuitive in design, allowing fast adoption over a large mobile workforce, while also comprehensive and flexible enough to integrate employee details, and interact with other systems and organizational processes.


    Kelt was looking for a partner with deep experience in the safety and compliance industry, and a proven, scalable, and flexible solution that would improve the quality and efficiency of the data gathering process. Kelt quickly took advantage of the flexibility and customizability of the ITRAK platform, adapting the software to extend functionality beyond just safety and compliance. For example, Kelt has deployed ITRAK to assist in operational processes such as their pipeline “pigging” process.


    Prior to implementing ITRAK, Secure Energy faced technological challenges when it came to collecting and reporting data efficiently, frequently and accurately, and needed a solution that would assist in forming standardized risk identification criteria and improving form completion rates. ITRAK has enabled Secure to use employee generated data to create incident reports, identify hazards, perform audits and inspections, view safety stats (KPIs), and investigate and take corrective actions where necessary.

    Client Testimonials

    “ITRAK has replaced our existing antiquated electronic system with an advanced product that is extremely powerful, configurable and mobile friendly for our field operations. We are extremely pleased with the reporting capabilities of the Power BI tool in conjunction with the ITRAK system.”

    ~ David Durda, EHS Coordinator Kelt Exploration

    “ITRAK has provided a valuable tool to assist in moving from a reactive and systematic safety program to a program where we can pragmatically prevent incidents from happening through tracking proactive efforts.”

    ~ Greg Dickie, Director Regulatory Affairs and Corporate Safety, SECURE Energy Services

    “Prior to ITRAK, Cequence had been relying on paper filing, numerous spreadsheets, and emails to track incidents, training and competency, and other related HSE forms. After two years with ITRAK, there has been a measurable increase in record retention, tracking, and end process efficiencies. And having this all accessible on mobile devices enables us to be truly dynamic and fast moving.”

    ~ Michael Rakus, Health, Safety & Environment Manager at Cequence Energy LTD

    “Canadian Energy Services is very serious about safety, so our choice to use ITRAK QHSE software was made very carefully. NeoSystems was flexible to understand our operations and adapt the software all while leveraging our investments in Microsoft technology.”

    ~ Ray Caddy, Corporate Manager Health Safety & Environment at Canadian Energy Services

    “A key decision for us in choosing ITRAK was its flexibility and ability to be adapted to a diverse business such as EnviroWaste. The other key aspect of ITRAK is the ease of use for our frontline workers coupled with a powerful engine that enables us to capture and store data and really drill down to the root cause of incidents”.

    ~ Jason Miles, CFO, EnviroWaste Services Ltd

    “ITRAK and our BI tool provide the information capture, sharing, and workflow capabilities we need to build a strong health and safety culture. Good business tools should go almost unnoticed, they put the focus on the process and intent they are there to support. In ITRAK we’ve been able to design a tool that does just that.”

    ~ David Bellmont, Manager of Operations Analytics, SECURE Energy Services