ITRAK 365 is deeply rooted in Microsoft technology at all levels

  • ITRAK 365 Dynamics
  • Microsoft Azure and the ITRAK 365 Hub 
  • Mobile Capabilities 
  • ITRAK 365 Portals
  • Microsoft Power BI
  • Microsoft Field Services & Talent

ITRAK 365 & Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 contains many different business processes for supporting any organization, from sales to marketing, customer support, Field Services and Talent Management. Dynamics is focused on providing a rich and comprehensive platform for enabling a wide array of business processes for any organization.

ITRAK 365 leverages this platform and focuses on the specific business process domain of Safety and Compliance. This focus provides deep safety industry expertise to Dynamics 365, complementing existing processes.

ITRAK’s 365 primary audience is field workers, capturing critical safety data that ensures companies can manage compliance with increasingly regulated corporate environments. The safety industry has specific process and methods that ITRAK 365 tailors to organizations specific safety needs.

ITRAK 365 has adapted a suite of Dynamics 365 components and workflows to track, manage pro-active and reactive safety process for identifying hazards, completing complex field inspections, managing safety meetings, ensuring compliance through the lifecycle of training needs and many more through the use of its powerful and fully configurable electronic forms capture and processing engine.

What Microsoft components make up ITRAK 365?

The ITRAK 365 Hub operates in the Azure cloud and links native mobile apps and Microsoft Dynamics 365 environments. Field information including photographs are transported to and from mobile devices to the Dynamics 365 transparently using Microsoft Azure.

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ITRAK 365 has strategic partnerships with some of the biggest and best Microsoft Microsoft Systems Integrators.

Mobile Devices: Native apps gather field data

Mobile procedures

Field based competency assessment

Hazard IDs

Behavioral based safety observations

Onsite inspections and auditing

Onsite safety meeting

Microsoft PowerBI Reporting & Dashboards

Microsoft Power BI is the definitive business intelligence platform that can be integrated as your company’s central reporting environment. Analyze your company’s safety data and discover insights, trends and patterns. Standard reporting such as TRIF (total recordable injury frequency), Total Lost Time Injuries, Proactive Actions and many more can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Utilizing Microsoft Power BI, you can create fully interactive visualizations on the fly and collaborate with your colleagues across tablet or desktop, enabling you to recognize and improve the areas that make your organization successful and cost efficient.



ITRAK 365 Portal

The ITRAK 365 Portal houses customizable Safety tailored components that are the backbone of any safety and compliance program. During the ITRAK 365 implementation process the ITRAK team will tailor common processes such as inspections, hazard identification, corrective actions, risk assessments, location controls and many more to your business.  Once assembled, these workflows are published to portal and mobile users.

ITRAK 365 Portal functionality can be called directly from your Dynamics Portal.

Dynamics 365 Field Services & Talent

Dynamics 365 Field Services scheduling, dispatch and work order processes integrates with ITRAK’s 365 safety inspections, hazard identification and risk assessment capabilities.

Central to every Safety system is up-to-date and accurate skills, training and competency information about your employees. ITRAK 365 has a base employee table for tracking this information but if preferred Dynamics 365 Talent database can be used. ITRAK 365 complements the HR Processes of Talent with full lifecycle management of skills managing expiry dates, linking to training requirements (using SCORM) and providing advanced mobile tools for completing critical field level activities such as procedure management and field based competency assessments.

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